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Who we are

who we are

Vlad Diaconu

He is our Senior eCommerce Consultant & Business Growth Strategist.
He's the
  • brains.
  • thinker.
  • builder.
  • doer.
His design thinking and creative ideas are responsible for the accelerated growth of every business he touches.

Qualified to advise. Over the past 10+ years Vlad has contributed to the launch, development and transformation of over 50 local and international e-commerce brands. If you want to lay your business in the safest hands, he is your go-to person.

​Qualified to teach. Vlad hosts a series of workshops where he shares his knowledge and experience to teach participants how to build and manage their e-commerce business from concept to execution.

She’s the
  • heart
  • organiser
  • decider
  • voice
. She stands behind every project and makes sure things get done the right way.

Qualified to manage. Over the past 9 years Andreea has covered Customer Service leadership, Content management and project management for several big players on the e-Commerce market.

​Qualified to put it into words. She’s also a skilled copywriter, successfully covering the written content of countless websites, articles, social media content, blog posts and press releases.

Andreea Mares

She is our Project Manager and Communication Specialist.

Vlad's enthusiasm, loyalty and strong desire to deliver the best made him one of the most incredible persons to work with in the Fashion Days startup. He is very passionate and has a creative mind in doing things, which challenges everyone around to rise to his level of performance."

Cristian DUCU
Co-Founder Fashion Days

I’ve been collaborating with Vlad for some years and I am very satisfied with our partnership. His analytical thinking and growth strategies are perfectly complementary with our operations and e-fulfilment solutions here at QeOPS. We've completed several successful projects together and I am really glad to have him as partner.

Founder & CEO QeOPS

Vlad’s input was extremely beneficial for our SaaS development, because he gave us some very good and clear directions for our business strategy. One particularly interesting and useful approach was his business framework - Critical Me. It gave us an overview on our entire business and has helped us greatly with creating the roadmap for our product development. Thumbs up for this man! 🙂

Catalin STAVAR
Co-Founder Pleisty

Vlad was for Miniprix the right man at the right place. He popped up just when our business needed a change. His solutions and strategies have managed to set our business on the right track and, within 2 months, we launched our new website. Thanks to Vlad's advising has succeeded to align with the Romanian e-commerce market and today we use a world-class platform. Vlad is a reliable partner and I strongly recommend him.

COO Miniprix